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Corvette owners need to "run their race" and to run it with Jesus Christ and His Holy Word.  The Corvette Bible is of course the real Word of God with an exciting Corvette cover.  God's Word makes a precious gift to anyone, believers or non-believers.  The Corvette Bible is being offered in two forms.  You may select from either the "Whole Bible" or "New Testament" in King James version.  Both bibles have the same attractive cover.
The Corvette Bible is an excellent tool for witnessing and is available in any quantity for a donation plus shipping & handling.  

Whole Bible (Old & New Testament) is available for a $7 donation each.
(add domestic shipping 
                Size 8" x 5"

New Testament Bible is available for a $5 donation each.
add domestic shipping
                 Size 8" x 5"

Other quantities & discounts are available.  Please contact us for shipping rates.

     *Your gift is tax deductible *

Titled as "Corvettes For Christ" and an "Open Letter", these two beautifully colored and professional quality bible tracts, lovingly and clearly present the message of Salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. 

They are available for a donation of .10 each plus shipping & handling.

(add domestic shipping up to 100 Open Letter tracts $5.95)

Corvettes For Christ is a registered 501c3 ministry.  All gifts and donations are tax deductible.


All orders can be made through....

        Chaplain John Kalashian
           Corvettes For Christ


May God richly bless your soul winning efforts and your burden to reach lost souls for Jesus Christ.













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